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Miller High school was originally established as Adalatganj Middle School in 1919 and was upgraded to a high school in 1928, and renamed after Honorable Chief Justice of Patna High Court, Mr. Miller. It was once regarded as one of the prestigious educational institution in eastern India. In 1965, the school was upgraded to include higher secondary education.

It was renamed in 1987 as Devipad Choudhary Shaheed Smarak (Miller) Inter School, to commemorate memories of martyr Devipad Choudhary, a student of the school who fell prey to bullets of British colonial rule on August 11, 1942, while leading a team of students with a tricolor in his hand to unfurl it on top of secretariat.

Under the leadership of Shri Nand Kishore Sahay, who was the Headmaster/Principal during the years 1956-1978, the school flourished tremendously and gained national status for its quality education and discipline and produced distinguished alumni’s that include eminent civil servants, scientists, doctors, engineers, armed service personnel, businessmen and politicians.

This web-site will provide a forum for alumni’s, teachers, staff and students enabling the group to exchange ideas and participate in the growth and prosperity of the school.

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Late Shri Nand Kishore Sahay

Headmaster / Principal: 1956-1978

The school flourished and gained its glory during the stewardship of Late Shri Nand Kisore Sahay, who was best known for sincerity and discipline. He nurtured his students as an astute gardener and inculcated seeds of success in them.

He was a zealous teacher, who has been at the job for 34 years. A silent and wholehearted worker, he is known for his mastery in teaching English and History.
He was interested in the harmonious development of several aspects of the student personality. A popular figure and conscientious in addition to being a scoutmaster, he gave attention to weaker students and held special special classes for them. He has contributed to the reputation which his school enjoys in the locality.

Foundation Members of Miller High School Almuni

President - Capt. Deepak Prasoon (1969) sept21libra@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Jiwesh C Jha (1967) jiwesh@comcast.net
Dr. Chandra Deo Narain (1968) drcdnarain@rediffmail.com
Dr. Navin Chandra Prasad (1968) ncprsddr29@gmail.com
Binod Kumar Sahay (1968) bksahay1955@gmail.com
Rajesh C Jha (1970) rajeshcjha@yahoo.com

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